The Haul :: 10.20.2010

Lots of good stuff this week:

Batman And Robin #15 (download preview) :: Another excellent issue, the ending is…not a huge surprise but awesome nevertheless.

Power Girl #17 (download preview) :: Dick Grayson and Pee Gee make a great team, there should be an issue of The Brave and the Bold starring these two. Exciting issue, well drawn, and an ending I wasn’t expecting. Oh, funny too! ↓

Supergirl #57 (download preview) :: Very good, Supergirl is growing emotionally and becoming a better super-hero. Check out Bizarro-Supergirl’s costume, it’s more demure than Supergirl’s.

Superman/Batman #77 (download preview) :: This was the second comic I bought with a Kryptonian/Bat-Family team-up and this one was a good combination too. Kara is a good foil for Damian, she doesn’t take any of his crap. The one problem I had with this issue is that Supergirl was drawn in a more revealing way than I like to see from the character (the biker shorts are present though).

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