The Haul :: 08.25.2010

I bought stuff, check it out! (SPOILERS)

Legion Of Super-Heroes #4 (preview) :: It was OK, not great. Four issues into the new run and Levitz is already bringing out the big guns: Darkseid and The Great Darkness Saga. It seems a bit early to start referencing your best-known work. Oh, and once again we get the ‘Legion election bitching’! This shit feels so dated! It made sense when the Legion members were young, now it seems childish.

Previews #264 :: It’s become a habit buying this catalog now.

Superman Secret Origin #6 (of 6) (preview) :: I don’t like everything Geoff Johns writes but I’ll give him credit where credit is due: he writes Superman very well. This issue almost makes me forget the crap that J. Michael Straczynski is writing in Superman.

Superman/Batman #75 (preview) :: This issue had its ups and downs. The Legion story was OK but left a lot (WTF was Luthor’s plan?) unexplained. The next two stories are lame. The 2 pages by Adam Hughes are beautiful. The Batman/Red Robin Superman/Superboy story was OK. Night and Day was my personal favorite because it brought back the super deformed heroes introduced in Superman/Batman #51. The Krypto/Ace story was very cute and Brian Azzarello’s take on Luthor and Joker portrayed as Calvin and Hobbes was a welcome surprise. The Connor/Damian future story was OK and the last story was sappy-lame.

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