Action Comics #310 Mar. 1964 :: Supergirl’s Rival Parents!

Oh no, Supergirl gets two sets of parents! I smell a sitcom!

This issue begins with Supergirl trying to find a way to retrieve her parents from the Survival Zone. Her inquiries finally lead her to New Krypton (an exact duplicate of Krypton populated by androids) where she finds one of her dad’s inventions: the thought-casting helmet. The thought-casting helmet lets her communicate more clearly with her father. With the help of Kara’s adoptive and biological fathers she is successful in creating a portal to the Survival Zone.

Kara, naturally, wants to hang around with her biological parents which makes the Danvers sad. 😥 The Els are oblivious to the Danver’s emo behavior and decide that they should, along with their daughter, move to the Fortress of Solitude. Allura and Zor-El eventually spy on the Danvers and realize how unhappy they are with loosing their adoptive daughter. Oh jeez, it’s not like Kara has to take a train to visit her adoptive parents, she can fly back and forth at Mach speeds!

Zor-El and Allura decide that Kara should stay with her adoptive parents. Zor-El’s plan is that if he and Allura lose their super-powers, by exposing themselves to gold Kryptonite, Kara won’t love their silly mundane asses anymore and she’ll stay with her adoptive parents. Fred stops him just in time and tells him that Kara won’t care if they have super-powers or not (duh). The Els then decide to shrink themselves and live in the bottle city of Kandor. Kara can stay with the Danvers and come visit them every once in a while. How this is different from just living away from Midvale but not shrunk is beyond me.

On my patented Supergirl Wink © scale this issue gets:

4 Winks.

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