Action Comics #303 Aug. 1963 :: Supergirl’s Big Brother

Linda has a long-lost brother? What evil plan is he up to?

This issue begins with the Danver’s son returning from the dead! Yes, Jan Danvers was reported ‘killed in action’ while serving in Korea but now he reappears safe and sound at their front door. Jan blames a paperwork mix-up for his reported ‘death’ and quickly reintegrates back into the family fold. Eventually his sister’s secret identity is revealed to him.

Kara decides to bond with her new big brother by temporarily giving him super-powers. She quickly finds out how big of an error this was. You see, Jan is really Biff Rigger, one of Jan’s fellow soldiers. He learned of a trust fund that Jan would eventually inherit and, when Jan died, Biff decided to impersonate him and steal the money. Kara wants to expose him but Biff tells Kara he will expose her secret identity if she does.

Biff’s plans don’t come to fruition though. Biff sacrifices himself while saving Supergirl from Kryptonite exposure at the bottom of the sea. Biff’s temporary super-powers disappear while resurfacing and he dies of the ‘bends‘. Supergirl decides to keep his real identity a secret so that her adoptive parents will think their ‘son’ died like a hero.

On my patented Supergirl Wink © scale this issue gets:

6 Winks (mostly for a lack of Comet).

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