Action Comics #295 Dec. 1962 :: The Girl With the X-Ray Mind!

Lex Luthor has a sister? Is she evil like her brother?

This issue starts with the revelation that Linda’s friend Lena Thorul has both psychic and empathic powers (or ESP because I’m lazy). Lena, a fellow orphan, wants to work for the FBI (not as an agent but as a secretary…lame) but is denied because nothing is known about her life. Supergirl decides to do a bit of time traveling to find out more about her pal and maybe help Lena get her dream job. What she finds out about her friend is disturbing.

Lena’s real last name is Luthor. Lena developed her powers when she was accidentally exposed to an alien in Lex’s lab. The Luthors changed their last name after Lex turned to the dark side. The Thoruls moved away from Smallville but before they could settle down somewhere else both parents died in a car accident. Lena does not know she is related to Lex. It seems that Lena is taking after her brother when a gang of bank robbers ask her to use her powers to rob banks and she agrees.

Lex hears about his sister’s sinister plans through the crook grape vine and pleads with Supergirl to save his sister from a life of crime. Lex shouldn’t have worried though, Lena was only pretending to go along with the plans in order to take down the bank-robbing gang. Lena hoped that putting her life on the line to take down the crooks would help her get hired by the FBI.

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