Action Comics #284 Jan. 1962 :: The Strange Bodies of Supergirl!

Sideshow freaks and death-vision. You can’t ask for more than that.

One would think that Supergirl would stay in hiding until the effects of the red Kryptonite subsided but she decides otherwise. Going back to the fair is what Kara decides to do. Her next shocking change is that she grows a second head. Thankfully Kara thinks fast on her feet (she does have to heads) and pretends to be a fake sideshow freak (a gaff).

2-headed Supergirl is kinda hot…DON’T JUDGE ME!

After head number 2 disappears Linda manifests Fatal Vision, anything she looks at dies. Her victims, in order, are: her pet fish, her foster-parents, the mail man (no big loss), Krypto, and then a civilization of evil aliens. Her bout of Fatal Vision turns out to be a hallucination caused by the red Kryptonite. Don’t worry guys and gals, Krypto is fine.

The final effect of the red Kryptonite is to covert Kara into a mermaid. Kara visits her friends in Atlantis where she quickly ruins Jerro’s budding relationship with Lenora Lemaris (Lori’s sister). She quickly reverts back to non-fishy status and leaves Lenora her sloppy seconds.

After leaving the ocean’s depths Supergirl is exposed to Kryptonite which surprisingly hurts her again. Superman returns from the future and explains that Mr. Mxyzptlk’s magic must have worn off and with it her Kryptonite invulnerability. Her regular powers remained because…well, they don’t know about Lesla-Lar and her Kryptonite Ray, do they? Superman does have some good news though, he’s decided to reveal Supergirl’s existence to the world. For real this time. Trust me, I read ahead.

On my patented Supergirl Wink © scale this issue gets:

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