Action Comics #260 Jan. 1960

Yup, it’s gonna be a Supergirl week.

Who is the super-powered Mighty Maid? Is it possible that Superman is falling head over heels in love with her? What about Lois?

While on his daily excursion to save Lois’ life from whatever danger she can get herself into Superman meets Mighty Maid. Ms. Maid is a super-powered heroine from another dimension who has come to Earth to meet Superman. Superman is instantly infatuated with Mighty Maid and decides to show her around Earth. Mighty Maid must be one of the worst names for a super-hero. It sounds more like a vacuum cleaner than a dimensional-barrier-crossing super-hero.

Perry White puts Lois Lane, his best reporter, on the story of the century. It’s a bitter-sweet assignment for Lois; Superman’s courtship is a career-making story but Lois is in love with Superman and hates seeing him with another woman. Lois doesn’t show her feeling though, she might have a broken heart but she’s also a professional reporter.

After a brief (and I do mean brief) courtship Superman and Mighty Maid decide to get married. Superman is so happy that he agrees to have a reporter tag along with him and Mighty Maid. Here’s where Superman shows his true asshole colors. Superman knows exactly how Lois feels about him yet he agrees to Perry’s choice of her as the embedded reporter. He could have said no and made Perry choose someone else. Sprock, he even makes out with Mighty Maid in front of her! Makes one wonder why Lois loves this schmuck. In a surprising twist Superman decides to leave his home dimension and return to Mighty Maid’s fourth-dimensional world. After a globetrotting farewell tour of the planet Superman and Mighty Maid transport to her home dimension.

In a surprising twist 35% twistier than the previous twist it turns out that Mighty Maid is actually Supergirl in disguise. Superman concocted this plan to fool a group of aliens who have a bone to pick with the Kryptonian race. Yeas ago the Kryptonians accidentally destroyed a couple of their spaceships and the aliens are still holding a grudge. These space Oompa-Loompas decide to punish the last son of Krypton by destroying Earth. Kal decides to trick them into thinking that he has permanently left Earth, thereby canceling their vendetta. Everything works out and Lois is again left thinking she has a chance with Superman.

Don’t forget, these two are first cousins.

I’m sure that’s just play-kissing.

On my patented Supergirl Wink © scale this issue gets:

4 Winks

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