A homegrown ‘Legion Flight Ring giveaway’ postcard campaign

In the spirit of the ‘Wonder Woman renumbering’ postcard campaign let’s see if we can get DC comics to produce a Legion Flight Ring giveaway like they did for Blackest Night. Send a postcard (or two, or three) to:

c/o Dan DiDio
1700 Broadway
New York, NY, 10019

A bit more info after the break:

My makeshift postcard:

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My postcards!

6 thoughts on “A homegrown ‘Legion Flight Ring giveaway’ postcard campaign”

  1. At HeroesCon2010 in Charlotte, NC on June 6th, Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler was asked about a the possibility of a Promotional Flight Ring Giveaway.  His response was “Yes, we may get a Flight Legion Ring in the near future”.  “Yes, we may” sounds pretty good to me right now.

    1. I saw this a few days ago but didn’t want to jinx it by mentioning it. LOL, it’s OK if someone else does though!

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