Hey DC, how about a Legion flight ring promotion?

Just a suggestion from some Legion fans: There’s two new Legion series starting later this year and why not celebrate/promote them by conducting a Legion flight ring promotion like the one for Blackest Night? It does look like the titles that included promotional rings got a sales boost so I can’t see why this promotion wouldn’t do the same. You wouldn’t have to include rings with many titles, just Adventure Comics and The Legion of Super-Heroes and maybe R.E.B.E.L.S.

The flight ring is a quintessential image that represents the Legion of Super-Heroes. It would be a perfect promotion for these two new titles. New fans will get a kick out of these (hey, I’m part of the Legion too!) and the dyed -in-the-wool fans will spasm with glee.

2 thoughts on “Hey DC, how about a Legion flight ring promotion?”

  1. I am not one to buy statues, action figures, etc, etc, but I would pay up to $250 for a Legion flight ring without a second thought, as long as it’s actual jewelry that can be fitted or made to measure.

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