Action Comics #287 April 1962

It’s a jam-packed day for Supergirl. First she has to deal with explosive-happy park rangers. Next comes an encounter with a planet-destroying Positive Man. Finally, a group of Chameleon Men impersonate some Legionnaires!

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Adventure Comics #328 Jan. 1965

Command Kid joins the Legion and quickly makes his fellow Legionnaires regret letting him join. Command Kid has two super-powers: the ability to generate illusions that are indistinguishable from reality (much like Princess Projectra) and super-ego. What secrets could Command Kid be hiding?

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Adventure Comics #316 Jan. 1964

Space raiders are stealing raw materials in order to create a super-weapon. While looking through mug shots the Legionnaires stumble upon the fact that Ultra Boy is really an escaped convict. The Legionnaires feel betrayed by one of their own!

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