Legionnaires #47 April 1997

Invisible Kid starts his term as Legion president. Brainiac 5 (who, along with some other Legionnaires, is stuck in the past) tries to get a message to Rond Vidar. Dragonmage brings a dire message for the Legion: Mordru is on the loose. All this and Lori Morning on a rampage!

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Adventure Comics #326 Nov. 1964

While on a mission the female Legionnaires were given a post-hypnotic message to eliminate all the male members and take over the Legion. The women use their feminine wiles to trap the men in lethal traps. What is causing them to act this way?

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Legion of Super-Heroes #269 Nov. 1980

It’s election day on Earth and the Fatal Five (and their new ultra-secretive leader) crash the party. Who is the Dark Man and what gripe does he have against the Legion?

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Adventure Comics #332 May 1965

A space whale with little wings is flying around the solar system gobbling up metal objects. HE MUST BE STOPPED. Lighting Lad tries to stop the ‘Super-Moby Dick of Space’ but is poisoned by his own reflected lightning bolts and looses an arm. More after the break.

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Legion of Super-Heroes #66 March 1995

My first post on the Zero Hour (Archie) Legion. This is a ‘recruitment drive’ issue where some recruits are actually recruited while some are thrust upon the Legion.

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