Adventure Comics #313 Oct. 1963

All the female Legionnaires come down with a previously unknown ‘crimson virus’ which seems incurable. Who could be to blame for this? How about a mysterious individual named Satan Girl?

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Adventure Comics #300 Sept. 1962

The Legionnaire’s powers start malfunctioning; an emergency call is made to Superboy to see if he can help. The culprit is Urthlo, a masked adversary with the ability to turn the Legionnaire’s powers on and off with the flick of a switch.

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Adventure Comics #316 Jan. 1964

Space raiders are stealing raw materials in order to create a super-weapon. While looking through mug shots the Legionnaires stumble upon the fact that Ultra Boy is really an escaped convict. The Legionnaires feel betrayed by one of their own!

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Legion of Super-Heroes #269 Nov. 1980

It’s election day on Earth and the Fatal Five (and their new ultra-secretive leader) crash the party. Who is the Dark Man and what gripe does he have against the Legion?

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