Adventure Comics #362 Nov. 1967

The Legionnaires are sent to stop Dr. Mantis Morlo (he’s the mad & eeeevil type of doctor) from polluting Earth’s atmosphere with his (probably mad and eeeevil) experiments.  The Legionnaires better watch out, Dr. Morlo is protected by his Fantastic Hemorrhoids Chemoids!

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Legion of Super-Heroes #2 March 2005

The children of Naltor (Dream Girl‘s home planet) cannot sleep. Brainiac 5 deduces that the Public Service, which all under-agers are plugged into, is being used by Naltor’s elders to keep them from sleeping. Naltorians can view further into the future while sleeping than they can while awake. The elders have seen visions of a war in the near future where many of their children will be killed on the front lines. The elders thought they were sparing the Naltorian youth from the grief of knowing their fate. What do the Legionnaires do?

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Superboy starring The Legion of Super-Heroes #216 April 1976

A satellite has fallen back to Earth. Unlike most satellites that are filled with electronics and doodads and such this one is packed with stolen jewels. Have you ever noticed that when stuff falls back to Earth it never falls in an uninhabited place where retrieval is simple? Well, this satellite lands on the island nation of Marzal which is inhabited by isolationist black people. Yup. Read on my friends.

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