Adventure Comics #307 April 1963

Space pirates are pillaging planets (which is exactly what I’d expect space pirates would do). They are looking for a very specific object which can either travel from planet to planet or the pirates have no idea where the hell it is. The Legion is on the case! The Legionnaires decide to have tryouts to make up for absent members. Many try out but only one stands out. Who is the mysterious Mystery Lad?

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Legionnaires #47 April 1997

Invisible Kid starts his term as Legion president. Brainiac 5 (who, along with some other Legionnaires, is stuck in the past) tries to get a message to Rond Vidar. Dragonmage brings a dire message for the Legion: Mordru is on the loose. All this and Lori Morning on a rampage!

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Adventure Comics #326 Nov. 1964

While on a mission the female Legionnaires were given a post-hypnotic message to eliminate all the male members and take over the Legion. The women use their feminine wiles to trap the men in lethal traps. What is causing them to act this way?

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Legion of Super-Heroes #3 April 2005

Triplicate Girl goes on 3 dates…at the same time! Brainiac 5 plans a coup while Cosmic Boy (aware of Brainiac’s plans) readies himself. This is a ‘Origins and Omens’ issue of the threeboot Legion.

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Legion of Super-Heroes #2 March 2005

The children of Naltor (Dream Girl‘s home planet) cannot sleep. Brainiac 5 deduces that the Public Service, which all under-agers are plugged into, is being used by Naltor’s elders to keep them from sleeping. Naltorians can view further into the future while sleeping than they can while awake. The elders have seen visions of a war in the near future where many of their children will be killed on the front lines. The elders thought they were sparing the Naltorian youth from the grief of knowing their fate. What do the Legionnaires do?

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