Legion of Super-Heroes #269 Nov. 1980

It’s election day on Earth and the Fatal Five (and their new ultra-secretive leader) crash the party. Who is the Dark Man and what gripe does he have against the Legion?

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Adventure Comics #332 May 1965

A space whale with little wings is flying around the solar system gobbling up metal objects. HE MUST BE STOPPED. Lighting Lad tries to stop the ‘Super-Moby Dick of Space’ but is poisoned by his own reflected lightning bolts and looses an arm. More after the break.

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Adventure Comics #330 March 1965

Quite the cover, right? It has very little to do with the plot but it’s a ‘eye catcher’. This is part one of a two-part storyline (see here for part two). Vorm the space pirate infiltrates the Legion. He then frames the Legionnaires for some petty crimes and boots them out of the Legion.

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