On TV tonight

The CW is re-running the Smallville episode Legion co-starring the founders of the Legion of Super-Heroes tonight. I liked this episode, I felt it was as faithful to the comic as it was going to get on network tv. The actors were well-picked and felt authentic. The costumes were recognizable without being either cheesy or rejects from a S&M bar. The one place where they seriously dropped the ball (from a Legion fan perspective) is the plot point having to do with killing. In the episode the Legion is not opposed to killing in order to accomplish their goal until Clark teaches them differently. I might not agree with the ‘no killing, no exceptions’ rule but it is Legion canon and felt wrong in the way it was integrated into the storyline.

My new favorite tv show is Batman: The Brave and the Bold. The guest stars this week were the Metal Men who I don’t particularly like but I thoroughly enjoyed watching on this show. The trippy part was Tina’s dialogue; It was dirty. This show is on the Cartoon Network for pete’s sake! The Brave and the Bold always seemed to me to be geared towards adults and this episode proves it.

dirty girl!

Oh hey, CW. Thanks for picking this girl as Saturn Girl. You’re a real pal. 😀

thank you, thank you, thank you