Adventure Comics #362 Nov. 1967

The Legionnaires are sent to stop Dr. Mantis Morlo (he’s the mad & eeeevil type of doctor) from polluting Earth’s atmosphere with his (probably mad and eeeevil) experiments.  The Legionnaires better watch out, Dr. Morlo is protected by his Fantastic Hemorrhoids Chemoids!

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Adventure Comics #336 Sept. 1965

This is the conclusion to the Starfinger storyline. Can the Legionnaires stop Starfinger from destroying the remaining Seven Wonders of the 30th Century and reveal his true identity? Which Legion member has betrayed his friends?

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Adventure Comics #335 August 1965

The Legionnaires are protecting a shipment of the mineral Rejuvium (which has the amazing ability to de-age a person) when they are attacked by Starfinger. Starfinger can project a different energy ray from each finger on his right hand. Starfinger has one other identifying feature:

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