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Comet the Super-Horse, Supergirl’s friend and confidant. But Comet keeps secrets from his best pal, secrets about his true identity. Check out Comet’s secret past, his fumbling adventures, and the reasons why I think Comet is a despicable character after the break. Hopefully by the end of this article you will want to join my super-stallion haters club too.

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He invaded Kara’s dreams to the point where she became obsessed with horses. (Action Comics #292 Sept. 1962)

He keeps the fact that he’s actually a cursed, ancient centaur a secret from her. Remember, Kara (a minor) is actually riding a half-human instead of a horse. (Action Comics #293 Oct. 1962)

He ignores Kara after he meets a pretty actress. He also eats wild plants without checking if they are poisonous. (Action Comics #294 Nov. 1962)

He is turned into a human, meets Kara but doesn’t tell her who he is. (Action Comics #301 June 1963)

He is easily mind-controlled, causes havoc across the globe, is turned back into a human and does not tell Kara even though it would have helped catch the villain of the story. (Action Comics #302 July 1963)

He supposedly dies but we later find out it was an alien in disguise. This cheeses me off because I thought we were finally rid of him. (Action Comics #306 Nov. 1963)

He is jealous of Kara having non-equine suitors, is turned into a human again, puts the moves on Kara without telling her who he really is and keeps his identity a secret even though it would help catch a thief. (Action Comics #311 Apr. 1964)

He saves Kara’s life but takes off before she totally recovers in order to keep his human identity a secret. (Action Comics #312 May 1964)

He mistakes a beautiful Bizarro-Supergirl for the real deal and helps her keep Superman out of the Fortress of Solitude. (Action Comics #336 April 1966).

A planet populated by crooks lies to the Legion of Super-Pets. The pets fall for their lies and they betray the Legion (Adventure Comics #364 January 1968)

He gets Lois Lane turned into a centaur. (Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #92 May 1969)

In conclusion, Comet is a slimy liar whose behavior with an underage girl would get him put on Megan’s List in California. Crisis on Infinite Earths did us a favor by erasing him from existence before he was picked up by the Midvale Police Department for giving little girls ‘horsey rides’. Unfortunately, in a 1997 issue of Supergirl a different version of Comet reappeared. This version almost makes the pre-Crisis Comet look normal in comparison. Just look at the Wikipedia picture of him:

Let’s just keep this character in Limbo, OK?

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