The Haul: 06/30/2010

Yup, my cat. See here (nsfw) for an explanation of the picture.

It was another light-haul week, check it out after the break (SPOILERS).

blame the damn lights at work for the glare

Wonder Woman #600 (download preview) :: I like Wonder Woman but I usually don’t buy the comics (I know how lame that sounds). I like picking them up as trades or the older stuff as Showcases. This is another ‘special number’ issue and I did send in a postcard to have them renumber it so I might as well pick it up. I liked this issue more than the other two anniversary issues. The first story was too sugary-sweet and once again shows Washington DC being demolished. The second story was my favorite (although I might be biased since Power Girl is in it). The focus is on how to be a good cat owner instead of, let’s say, Washington DC blowing up again. The third and fourth stories are the beginning of the new ‘alternate history’ Wonder Woman. I’m going to give it a try, it might be interesting. The story looks like it’s set up to be temporary, at some point the time line can be fixed and the original WW can return. So don’t get too freaked, if you like the original version just wait.

Oh wait, did I forget about the Wonder Woman/Superman story? Yeah, it was boring.

Batman Beyond #1 (of 6) (download preview) :: I’ve been a fan of Batman Beyond since the original cartoon aired so I have to give it a try. It was good, especially for a first issue. Having Hush (maybe) return is an interesting twist. Two things to point out: 1) Terry looks nothing like he did in the cartoon and 2) In Batman #700 Terry McGinnis takes over for Damain while in this issue and Superman/Batman Annual #4 he takes over for Bruce. INTERESTING.

Fables #6 (Special $1 Edition) :: I LOVE Fables (I pick up the trades…SHUT UP) and I wish more people read it. I’m buying a few copies, I’ll leave one lying around the house and the others I’ll hand off to friends or co-workers.

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