Action Comics #317 Oct. 1964 :: The Great Supergirl Double-Cross!

Linda Danvers: boyfriend stealer.

This issue begins with Lex Luthor spying on his sister Lena Thorul. Lena has recently started going out with Jeff who seems like a great guy. Kara finds out that Jeff is actually a spy named Agent Zero. Agent Zero is trying to steal plans for a new solar-powered rocket.

Kara doesn’t want her best friend marrying a spy, especially since Kara will have to stop him, but she doesn’t want to break Lena’s heart by having her find out Jeff’s secret identity. She decides to use mind control to have Jeff fall in love with her instead of Lena. Lena will hate Linda but at least she won’t be marrying a spy (don’t worry, this makes sense in comic book life). Kara successfully breaks up Lena and Jeff’s relationship and then reveals her findings to the FBI. It turns out that Jeff is actually an undercover FBI agent who infiltrated a group of foreign spies who are auctioning off government secret right off the coast of the USA. Supergirl decides to help.

Supergirl drags the floating base of villains into US territorial waters (I don’t know why the government didn’t ask her to do this in the first place) and then gets to work fixing Lena and Jeff’s engagement. Supergirl tells Lena that she goofed up and thought Jeff was a spy so she blanked his memory. She then created a Jeff android to take his place and programmed him to hit on Linda, who was in on the plan as well, so that Lena would break up with him. You see, it was all a big misunderstanding!

Gullible Lena believes Supergirl and marries Jeff to her brother’s chagrin since he was once arrested by Jeff.

On my patented Supergirl Wink © scale this issue gets:

6 Winks

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