Action Comics #314 July 1964 :: Supergirl’s Tragic Ordeal!

The continuing adventures of Kara’s two sets of Emo parents.

This issue begins with Allura, who along with her husband still live in Kandor, feeling ill. Allura has caught a fatal case of ‘missing her daughter’. Kara is away from Earth so the Kandorian authorities contact one of the Supergirl androids to pass on a message to her.

The Danvers intercept the Kandorian message and decide on an alternate way to help Allura: they will treat Kara so badly that she will willingly decide to live with her biological parents. But wait, doesn’t Kara’s parents live in a shrunken city? Well, I never said it was a GOOD idea. The Kandorian authorities come up with a ‘better’ plan: the Danvers will switch places with the Els (when necessary for a storyline people can’t leave Kandor without swapping places with someone on the outside). The Danvers agree and come up with a cover story for their disappearance.

The new super-family move into their own Fortress of Less-Solitude and take up careers in super-heroing. The Danvers settle into their new lives in Kandor and even adopt a Kandorian orphan girl to fill the hole in their lives that Kara left.

On my patented Supergirl Wink © scale this issue gets:

6 Winks

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