Action Comics #311 Apr. 1964 :: The Day Super-Horse Became Human!

The bane of my existence is another Comet the Super-Horse story! On the other hand, AWESOME COVER!

This issue begins with Comet being jealous on Valentine’s Day. You see, Supergirl is the belle of the ball, she’s getting tons of Valentine’s Day cards from her fans and a big smooch from Jerro. Comet travels back in time too see Circe, he hopes that maybe she can help him out. Circe says that she can help him become human but she had a vision that he would regret it. He decides to still go along with it.

Comet returns to the present time but doesn’t instantly change into a human. What does happen is that he temporarily looses his memory and hooks up with a desperado named The Hooded Demon. THD notices Comet has super-powers and uses him to rob a train. During the robbery Comet’s transformation begins and he looses his super-powers. Both Comet and THD are shot. Comet transforms into a human and takes some of THD‘s clothes.

Comet Bronco Bill Starr meets Linda, who is on a school trip, and they quickly fall in love. The authorities confuse Bronco Bill for The Hooded Demon and ask Supergirl to track him down. While in pursuit of Bill she is exposed to Kryptonite. Instead of the myriad of logical, intelligent things that Bronco could do he decides to revert to horse form. He then saves Supergirl’s life, although it’s dubious if she was in that much danger, but keeps his transformation a secret from her.

On my patented Supergirl Wink © scale this issue gets:

5 Winks.

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