Brief Friday Review: Legion of Super-Heroes #1 (2010)

Please don’t take my Legion Flight Ring away but I didn’t love this issue. My whining and snark (AND SPOILERS) after the break.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: This is the first issue of a new Legion title; the central focus of the cover shouldn’t be a Green Lantern ring. Hell, why is the first story arc about the Green Lantern Corps anyways? Oh, right, certain people at DC Comics loooove the GLC. I was slightly surprised Barry Allen didn’t swoop in and save the day.

I’m torn over Earth-Man and how he’s used in this comic. On one hand I think the guy should be locked up in a prison for the rest of his life. There really isn’t another fit punishment for the crimes he committed. On the other hand, I can totally see politicians trying to pull a stunt like this. I’m not sure how big of a role politics will play in this Legion retroboot but at least in this instance it feels strained.

Not this shit again! How many times are writers going to rehash the ‘seeing the beginning of time causes bad stuff’ AND the stupid scientists still do it because scientists don’t have any common sense shtick?

OK, I know there’s going to be a really good reason why Earth-Man got the Lantern ring but man, I can’t wrap my head around it. Has a psychopath ever received a Lantern ring? Does this seem just a bit too sprocking coincidental now that the Green Lanterns are the darlings of the DC Universe?

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