Action Comics #290 July 1962 :: Supergirl’s Super Boy-Friends!

Supergirl goes around kissing people! These people develop strange side effects, but not cold sores thankfully.

This issue begins with Kara pretending to not be annoyed that she’s not getting a piece of the action from all the Supergirl merchandise being sold. Oh sure, she’s so happy all the money is going to charity, it’s not like she needs a new wardrobe or something. I’ll eat my shoe if everyone selling Supergirl crap gives the money to charity.

Later on Kara gets a visit from Legion member Phantom Girl who gives her a Supergirl figurine to add to her Legion Action Pack Limited Edition figurine set. Unfortunately Phantom Girl made the figurine from Red Kryptonite! The only reasons I can see for PG using Red-K are: 1) She is a moron who doesn’t know what Red Kryptonite does to Kryptonians or 2) She is a moron and didn’t know what material she was using to create the figurine or 3) She is evil and knows exactly what she is doing or 4) Legion prank (have a drink!). Supergirl should quarantine herself until the effect of the Red-K subside (it’s usually less than 48 hours) but instead she decides to carry on like normal.

What crazy-ass effect will the Red Kryptonite have on Supergirl this time? See here and here for previous episodes of Red Kryptonite poisoning. This time Supergirl gives anyone she kisses temporary super-powers. It just so happens that Kara/Linda kisses a bunch of people this particular day (hussy). She kisses her foster mother, her mundane boyfriend Dick, and her fishy boyfriend Jerro.

Jerro and Dick coincidentally meet and decide to have some fun with their new super-powers. I wonder if they would have become such quick friends if they knew that they share something else besides their super-abilities. Supergirl warns them both that they shouldn’t be flying around since their powers are temporary and can disappear without warning. They decide to ignore her advice and (surprise, surprise) their powers disappear while they are playing around in a volcano. Thankfully, the newly-formed Supergirl Emergency Squad (a female version of this) arrives and saves their butts. Their powers gone, and Phantom Girl’s present covered in lead paint, everything returns to “normal”.

On my patented Supergirl Wink © scale this issue gets:

5 Winks

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