Action Comics #281 Oct. 1961 :: The Secret of the Time-Barrier!

Supergirl becomes a movie star….in Kandor!

Lelsa-Lar has been switching places with Linda for a couple of days now. Superman was supposedly trying to figure out why she lost her powers yet he never noticed that every night another girl was taking her place. He doesn’t even notice that ‘Supergirl’ isn’t even Kara! You’d think he’d use his x-ray vision to check someone’s DNA before letting them into the Fortress of Solitude.

So who’s the first person to notice that ‘Supergirl’ is a phony? It’s not Superman or Linda’s foster parents but KRYPTO! Yup, Superman’s pet dog is the smartest one of the lot. While Krypto is doing his best Sherlock Holmes impersonation Kara is ‘discovered’ by a Kandorian movie director. He wants Kara to play ‘Supergirl’ in his new movie. The Kandorians, who watch Superman and Supergirl on their ‘Earth viewer’, also missed the fact that Lesla is body-switching with Linda AND that ‘Lesla’ looks exactly like Kara.

Krypto decides to take the initiative and uses one of Superman’s devices to switch Lesla with Kara. Unfortunately he doesn’t inform his owner of his plan (or that fact that it succeeded). Krypto then flies off so that this story doesn’t end an issue and a half too early.

Supergirl (the real one) hits her head after reappearing on Earth and forgets (oh jeez) all about her time in the Bottle City. Superman finally finishes up in the bathroom and tells Supergirl that he has an idea on how to get her powers back. They’ll travel through time and see if her super-powers re-appear in the past. How this solves anything is beyond me since I’m sure Supergirl doesn’t want to live in the past and Superman doesn’t use the fact that her lack of super-powers only occurs in the present to infer that there must be an external force working on Supergirl.

Supergirl decides to have some fun and ‘helps’ out a group of Puritans. She’s branded a witch, a helpful one mind you, and ends up in the history books. Once again Supergirl plays pretty loose with the time line and scares the shit out of a bunch of people. Hasn’t she ever read a history book? Doesn’t she know what Puritans would think of a flying girl with super-strength? Oh, when Supergirl returns to the present she looses her super-powers again. Boo-hoo, she deserves it for screwing with history.

On my patented Supergirl Wink © scale this issue gets:

5 Winks

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