Action Comics #267 August 1960

Don’t complain, this issue has Supergirl and the Legion!

How did three super-powered teens figure out Supergirl’s secret identity?

This issue starts with Kara using her super-powers in the most meaningless way possible: to get a group of kids from the orphanage to the opening of a fair on time. Don’t get me wrong, a bus-load of sad kids is a tragedy but you must remember that Superman made her swear to keep her secret identity a secret. It’s OK if she risks it to save an airplane in distress or something but to make kids happy? Superman would not be pleased, and when he is displeased he is a dick.

Kara’s luck runs out after getting to the Superman Fair. Not only is she almost the victim of three different accidents she also has to deal with: 1) the hollow tree where she keeps her ‘Linda Lee’ robot is almost discovered and 2) 3 super-powered youths seem to know her secret identity. Some days it’s better just to stay in bed, even if you live in an orphanage.

Luckily the three youths turn out to be members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. It’s time for Legion try-outs again and they want Supergirl to give it a go. Supergirl sees a loophole in her promise to her cousin, she should be able to expose her secret identity in the future, much like Superboy did (we’ve already seen what Superman thinks of loopholes). At the Legion Clubhouse Supergirl meets three other members: Colossal Boy, Invisible Kid and Chameleon Boy. NOTE: In this issue it’s mentioned this Legion is actually comprised of the sons & daughters of the original Legion members. This fact is ignored in later issues; we’ll chalk it up to another Legion super-prank.

Supergirl is then asked to perform a ‘super feat’ to qualify for the Legion. She decides to drill a hole through the planet to aid in transportation. She does this without asking or knowing the consequences of drilling through a planet. Thankfully the Earth doesn’t crack or subways don’t collapse but she does happen to travel near some red Kryptonite which quickly ages her into a young adult, disqualifying her from the Legion. The Legion doesn’t seem to much care about Supergirl’s health condition nor the repercussions that an adult Supergirl might have on the time line.  Nope, the most important thing is that she can’t join their little club. Thankfully the effects of the red Kryptonite were temporary and Kara returns to her own time. No thanks to the Legion, or course.

On my patented Supergirl Wink © scale this issue gets:

Seven Winks

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