Action Comics #264 May 1960

This is the last in my series of ‘Supergirl Week’ posts. It might be followed by another ‘Supergirl Week’ though. 😎

How does Kara keep her Supergirl identity a secret when she is finally adopted?

This issue starts with Supergirl working in secret again. Most of the stuff she uses her super-powers for are minor league but this time she saves a passenger airliner who’s landing gear was stuck. When she returns to the orphanage she finds that a family is there looking to adopt one of the residents. She tries to make herself unpalatable but the family ends up picking her. Complicating the situation more is the fact that her new father is a police officer! This guy will probably figure out her secret in no time flat.

Captain Wilkins turns out to be the unluckiest cop ever. He also has a target a mile wide painted on his back. In the span of a few days there were four attempts on his life. In real life this guy and his family would have been put into the witness relocation program or at the very least have him move to another state. Every crook he’s ever wronged both are 1) out of jail and 2) know his regular beat. Supergirl needs to save his butt every time, which makes you wonder how he survived before she became his adopted daughter.

After the last attempt on his life, which would have killed both Capt. Wilkins and Linda if she had been a normal girl, the Wilkins decide to return Linda to the orphanage. Thankfully the Midvale orphanage has a return policy more lenient than Costco. A fact that the Wilkins kept to themselves is that their biological daughter was killed by crooks in a attempt on Capt. Wilkins’ life. I’m assuming they kept that fact a secret instead of the orphanage knowing and still letting them adopt Linda. Linda’s secret identity is safe again (although she’s back at the orphanage) and our hearts and prayers go out to the Wilkins family. Hopefully he’ll quit the police force and do something a bit less dangerous for a living, like explosives ordinance disposal.

On my patented Supergirl Wink © scale this issue gets:

Five Winks

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