Action Comics #258 Nov. 1959

Part two of Supergirl Week (maybe).

What could Supergirl have done to be exiled from Earth by her cousin? Did she burn down the orphanage or shoot a super-booger at Batman?

The Maid of Might is in a super-bind. She wants to be helpful and use her powers in a useful way but Superman has forbidden her from coming out of the super-closet. To her credit Kara does a great job accomplishing good deeds while dutifully staying out of sight. One day she sees Krypto and decides that she can reveal herself to him without breaking her promise because Krypto is a dog who does not have the ability to speak. Superman does not see it this way though. His super-anal retentive logic is that Krypto could accidentally reveal Kara’s identity.

He decides to punish Supergirl by exiling her from Earth for a year. She ends up on a habitable asteroid which, to be honest, looks like a great place to live. Supergirl passes the time by making her surroundings more comfortable, looking mopey and shooting deadly projectiles at Earth keeping tabs on her old friends. I’m sure Kara was hoping one of the icicles would go off course and hit a certain mild-mannered reporter squarely on the head.

Not long into her sentence Superman sends a message to Supergirl: a deadly Kryptonite dust storm will envelope her new home. Superman gives Kara permission to return to Earth until the dust storm passes (what a swell guy). She returns to the orphanage and spins a tale of being lost in a nearby swamp. One has to wonder whose great idea it was to build a orphanage in walking distance from a place called Dismal Swamp.

It’s a quiet day for news so reporters swarm on Midvale to cover the story of the recently found orphan. One reporter packed his thinking cap because he figures out that Linda is Supergirl. Linda quickly confirms his accusal but also exposes his super-identity! You see, the reporter was Clark Kent and the whole damn mess, from Kara revealing herself to Krypto to her exile and return was all a test by Superman to see how Kara acted under pressure. Supergirl passes Superman’s little test and is rewarded by being told that she may never get a public debut. Superman wants to keep Kara as a secret weapon which means she has to be kept incognito. Congrats Kara, maybe you should have stayed on your asteroid, at least there you were in charge.

On my patented Supergirl Wink © scale this issue gets:

Five winks

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