Action Comics #287 April 1962

It’s a jam-packed day for Supergirl. First she has to deal with explosive-happy park rangers. Next comes an encounter with a planet-destroying Positive Man. Finally, a group of Chameleon Men impersonate some Legionnaires!

Supergirl destroys the Positive Man by having him collide with a creature made of negative um, forces. So here’s the thing: both these creatures might have been sentient beings. Granted, the Positive Man was destroying planets but it’s still taking a life. As far as we know the Negative Creature was innocent but was used as a weapon to destroy the Positive Man. The universe would be a safer place if the Legion would kill their opponents (the Fatal Five comes to mind) but they don’t. I think I would have been happier if a line had been added somewhere in the script where it was stated that all other options had been tried before both creatures were destroyed.

After defeating the Positive Man the Legionnaires, except for Supergirl, find that they have lost their super-powers. They theorized that radiation released when the Positive Man and Negative Creature were destroyed caused them to temporarily loose their powers. In reality the Legionnaires did not loose their powers, they were replaced by Chameleon Men. They couldn’t replicate the Legionnaire’s super-powers so they came up with the story about the power-stealing radiation.

The Chameleon Men transported Supergirl into the Phantom Zone but Supergirl was able to escape through a combination of a flying cat, telepathy, and an android Chameleon Man. Don’t forget, if you’re ever sent to the Phantom Zone make sure to pack a super-pet!

On my Legion Jerk © scale this issue gets a:


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