Superman #147 August 1961

The Legion of Super-Villains spring Lex Luthor from jail, together they will take down Superman!

How did Luthor contact the LoSV in the future? He built a radio transmitter able to send a voice message into the future (yeah…I’ll let this one slide) from stolen radio parts. He then sent said message into the future spelling out his plans and coincidentally enough only the LoSV heard it. Or maybe everybody heard and ignored it except for the LoSV. Or maybe he was super-lucky enough to pick a frequency that only the LoSV monitored. Or maybe…aw sprock, it makes no sense.

The LoSV then got down to some dastardly deeds, including destroying an orphanage. It’s like the writer wanted to prove to us these guys are bad. What, no puppies around to kick? Couldn’t Lightning Lord eat a baby or two?

The thing that gets me about the LoSV is how similar the founders are to the founders of the LoSH. There’s no reason why they should have very similar powers and uniforms (aside from Lightning Lord who actually has a good reason to have the powers he has). It seems to me almost like the writers wanted to show the LoSH founders being evil but knew they couldn’t pull that cliché too often. So instead of having the good guys commit evil deeds the writers created very similar characters to them that could be evil. I might have to update my Grand Unifying Theory of LoSH Asshole Behavior™ to reflect this. If you can’t have your good guys act like jerks create characters that are very similar to the heroes and have them do the bad stuff.

On my Legion Jerk © scale this issue gets a:

LoSH stand-ins

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