Superman #152 April 1962

Who is the Robot Master and why did he construct super-jerk robotic versions of Perry, Jimmy and Lois? Honestly, wouldn’t it be strange if a character named Robot Master didn’t make robots?

This issue starts with a trio of Clark’s friends acting out of character (cough, cough…rule #1). Jimmy and Lois admit they know Clark’s secret identity and that they are going to publish it in the Daily Planet. Clark knows his best friends would never do this so he uses his x-ray vision to inspect his ‘pals’.

Yup, robots.

It turns out it’s all a big prank by the Legion of Super-Heroes! Inside the robots is a gift to celebrate the one year anniversary of Supergirl’s arrival on earth. Think of all the things that could have gone wrong with this plan. Someone could have overheard the robots talking about Clark/Superman. The robots could have malfunctioned (they do this often) and done something dumb, like actually publishing Clark’s secret identity. It makes more sense that rule number #3 applies: the Legion found it fun to make Clark and Linda squirm. After they had their fun they ‘surprised’ Clark and Linda with a gift. Sprocking jerks.

On my Legion Jerk © scale this issue gets a:

super jerk robots

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