Adventure Comics #293 Feb. 1962

Why are the Legion founders and Superboy acting like super-delinquents? Who can save the day when four of the most powerful super-heroes start acting like super-villains?

The first act of jerk-like behavior comes when Clark uses his x-ray vision to look into Lana’s purse. While Clark makes it sound like he’s doing Lana a favor he’s really invading her privacy. I might not be a teenage super-hero but I do know girls have stuff in their purses that they don’t want just anybody looking at. Would Clark have been able to keep a straight face if there had been icky girly products in there?

Superboy quickly graduates to crashing airplanes and acts of animal cruelty which make those ASPCA commercials with the Sarah Mclachlan song look like a Disney cartoon. Eventually Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl show up and they are acting like villains too! It turns out that they are all being mind controlled by the Brain Globes of Rambat. Thankfully for the good guys the brain globe dudes can’t mind control pets so the Legion calls on the Legion of Super-Pets to help out.

Rules one through three of my Grand Unifying Theory of LoSH Asshole Behavior™ apply to this issue. They are: 1) The Legionnaires act like jerks for no reason. 2) It turns out they are under the effects of mind control. 3) They are not really under mind control, they are just really jerks. Superboy probably resents cleaning up after Krypto, how fun can it be to pick up super-poop? Plus, destroying an airplane sounds kinda fun! After the nth call from the authorities to save this or stop that I’d feel like breaking something too.

On my Legion Jerk © scale this issue gets a:

Krypto's tail!

A time what?

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