Adventure Comics #370 July 1968

Superboy, Mon-El, Shadow Lass and Duo Damsel are stuck in 20th century Smallville with Mordru out to get them. Only Pete Ross and Lana Lang (as Insect Queen) can help the Legionnaires beat Mordru!

Mordru can read minds so Superboy has the fantastic idea to use his quickly-built hypnosis machine to erase the memories of their secret identities from the minds of the Legionnaires and Clark’s parents. The temporary amnesia is supposed to last only one hour but Mordru’s memory probes keep the Legionnaires from regaining their memories. It takes the combined efforts of both Lana Lang and Pete Ross to help the Legionnaires remember who they really are.

Part of the Legion’s plan to defeat Mordru involved Pete (disguised as Superboy), Mon-El and Duo Damsel being captured so that the other Legionnaires could plan a surprise attack. Here’s the thing: Pete could have been seriously hurt or killed. The Legionnaires all have powers, the only thing Pete has is a big ‘S’-shaped target on his chest. There’s friendship and then there’s stupidity. I hope Pete has some good health insurance.

"Aw shit" Pete is thinking, "I'm fucked now".

Mordru is defeated in the lamest of ways: he defeats himself! While showing off how he’s going to destroy his prisoners Mordru accidentally collapses the cave they are all in. Mordru’s big weakness is being surrounded by dirt (lame, right?) so he’s pretty much screwed.

Sexism alert!

Girls, can you believe it!?!?!?

On my Legion Jerk © scale this issue gets a:

For that last panel

So that’s how you spell that!

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