Adventure Comics #362 Nov. 1967

The Legionnaires are sent to stop Dr. Mantis Morlo (he’s the mad & eeeevil type of doctor) from polluting Earth’s atmosphere with his (probably mad and eeeevil) experiments.  The Legionnaires better watch out, Dr. Morlo is protected by his Fantastic Hemorrhoids Chemoids!

I get Dr. Morlo is contaminating the atmosphere and that the contamination must be stopped but I don’t see why he must stop his experiments. His lab is inside a sprocking spaceship! Just move the ship further off into space or around a planet without inhabitants. Dr. Morlo’s experiments looked useful and, besides the accidental pollution, he didn’t seem to be doing anything illegal. I can only see one reason for the Legion taking a hard-ass approach to Dr. Morlo and his experiments:


This wasn’t the first time the Legion had met Dr. Morlo. Yes, the first time they met the Legion stopped him from experimenting on captive humans. But here’s the thing: the ‘guinea pigs’ were not harmed and he was given a short jail sentence. This guy is small fries compared to the usual freaks and psychos the Legion has to face off against.  Instead of being diplomatic the Legion went all ultraviolence on Dr. Morlo and his gear.

On my Legion Jerk © scale this issue gets a:

Shame Shame Legion

Oh yeah, there’s some stuff about black smog on Orando and Dr. Morlo being super-evil now and then this:


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