Adventure Comics #324 Sept. 1964

Dr. Marden King, a mad (mad as in anger, not mad as in crazy) scientist pits the Legion of Super-Heroes against super-powered youths from the planet Lallor.

Shouldn’t this guy have figured out Dr. King’s plan from the get-to?

Mr. "Smarter than Brainiac 5"

Mad Dr. King pitted the Legion versus the Lallorians by telling the Legion that the Lallorians were out to conquer the Earth while simultaneously telling the home(world)less Lallorians that the Legion would kick them off Earth. This issue would have been 4 pages long if someone had actually checked Dr. King’s story before running headlong into action. I’m going to once again blame the immaturity of the young heroes (both groups). We also get another example of what certainly seems is going to be a recurring plot element:

No sprocking time for a trial!

Shrinking Violet falls in love with Duplicate Boy which makes Salu act like a….shrinking violet.  She all of a sudden forgets she’s a competent member of the Legion. In this panel her mind goes blank, not realizing that she only has to grow in size to escape the rat. Oh no, Duplicate Boy has to save her hide!

This is another issue I’m not going to recommend to my friend’s young niece. “Oh, Duplicate Boy, please save me!!!!” :roll:

On my Legion Jerk © scale this issue gets a:

No trial ...again :(

Wait, does this mean Star Boy is inhaling part of Gas Girl? Is she going to re-materialize without a foot?


I must have been subconsciously thinking of this post at Swanderful when I ‘randomly’ picked this issue for my post today yesterday.

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