Legionnaires #47 April 1997

Invisible Kid starts his term as Legion president. Brainiac 5 (who, along with some other Legionnaires, is stuck in the past) tries to get a message to Rond Vidar. Dragonmage brings a dire message for the Legion: Mordru is on the loose. All this and Lori Morning on a rampage!

I know she’s not a fan favorite but I like Lori. This issue makes it real tough to like her though. She doesn’t want to get sent back to her own time so she messes with Rond’s time machine. This well-thought-out move transports the Legion into the time stream. She then tries to fix her mistake and just ends up screwing things up some more. If this was the only exposure I had to this character I wouldn’t like her very much.

I don’t remember seeing Lori in Legion of Three Worlds. I hope the character resurfaces somewhere.

Brainiac 5 jerky-ness

Does Brainy own a Delorean?

On my Legion Jerk © scale this issue gets a:

no snark

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