Adventure Comics #326 Nov. 1964

While on a mission the female Legionnaires were given a post-hypnotic message to eliminate all the male members and take over the Legion. The women use their feminine wiles to trap the men in lethal traps. What is causing them to act this way?

This....this is a scary sight. Look at those scowls!

Well, the in-story reason is that Queen Azura from Femnaz (an all-female planet) gave the girls the post-hypnotic commands. She wanted to help the female Legionnaires take command of the Legion. She later sees the error of her ways when the male Legionnaires save her planet. The inhabitants of this planet are not the best portrayal of women. They are both:




My theory is that the female Legionnaires were pretending to be under the spell of Queen Azura. After being treated like second-class members by the male Legionnaires the females decided to take some sweet, sweet revenge. And yes, I’ve mentioned this theory before. C’mon, look at the fun the girls are having! That isn’t a post-hypnotic suggestion, these girls are enjoying this.

And now for some random panels:

I have a good friend whose young niece wants to read comics. She is not getting this issue.

This issue was written in the 1960s? I had no idea…

Who’s the only male Legionnaire to take the initiative with the girls?

Watch where you’re going Element Lad!

On my Legion Jerk © scale this issue gets a:

Girls are evil!

Evil Dance Party!!!!!!

Anybody else really, really like this?

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