Legionnaires #43 Dec. 1996

The Legion forces are divided, half the team is stuck in the 20th century with no apparent way to get home. The other Legionnaires decide to hold tryouts to beef up their numbers. Let the zaniness ensue.

Some of the prerequisites to try out for the Legion are the same as in previous versions of the Legion but not all. One rule they share is ‘no technology powers’. This should be known as the ‘Kid Quantum‘ rule. This seems like a pragmatic thing to me. You don’t want a piece of technology to fail at an inopportune moment. Anybody who’s used a computer will agree with me.

A rule they don’t follow in this reboot is ‘no duplicate powers’. I found the original rule lame. What’s wrong with a new Legionnaire having the same powers as a current member? A Legion full of people with powers identical to Superman would be a formidable power (boring though).

The character that epitomizes the Archie Legion for me is Kinetix. She’s sweet, effervescent, funny and a great pal to the other Legionnaires. She’s custom made for the Archie Legion, she’d stick out like a sore thumb in the original version. I was NOT HAPPY with her fate in Legion of 3 Worlds.

Another great Archie Legion character is Jeka Wynzorr (Sensor). Much like Kinetix Sensor is super-sweet, energetic, and very funny. She’s also one of the few non-humanoid Legionnaires. Her humanoid version (after being Hypertaxis-ed) is pretty sexy too.

Random Scene Time!

Famous Legion rejects:

The official Archie Legion haircut for men.

The Subs!

On my Legion Jerk © scale this issue gets a:

1 Arm Fall-Off Boy

2 thoughts on “Legionnaires #43 Dec. 1996”

  1. The Archie Legion was SO not of its time.   Grim stuff happened to the characters but they themselves were not grim.
    Jeckie/Sweet Sneckie/Princess Diva or Shadow Lass/Cranky-Pants Umbra/Shadow Lass, Martial Artist Slattern — which do you think was the most changed from version to version?

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