Legion of Super-Heroes #3 April 2005

Triplicate Girl goes on 3 dates…at the same time! Brainiac 5 plans a coup while Cosmic Boy (aware of Brainiac’s plans) readies himself. This is a ‘Origins and Omens’ issue of the threeboot Legion.

It took what, 3 reboots for a Legion writer to make a Triplicate Girl/sex joke? I love the slightly edgy comedy in this version of the Legion. I hate to repeat myself (hey, it’s easier than coming up with something original) but one of the reasons I like this Legion so much is because they act like kids. A bunch of hormonal young adults living in the same building and saving the universe. This behavior seems very natural to me, especially since they are rebelling against their super-stuffy elders.

Flight rings are rare and in short supply in this version of the Legion. It makes sense that such a technically advanced machine would be hard and expensive to make. That fact helps to explain why the Legion group is limited to a small number. This explanation is easier to swallow than ‘a tax law keeps us from recruiting more members’. :roll:

Another nice change was Triplicate Girl’s origin. Instead of coming from a planet where everyone can split into 3 individuals this one comes from a barren planet where she is the only survivor. She then finds she has the power to split herself into an army of duplicates. It makes for a great origins story and a dynamic character.

This early story arc also has a great plot line involving Brainiac 5 trying to rein control of the Legion away from Cosmic Boy. Each has their spies within the Legionnaires. Internal political intrigue is a lot more interesting than Wildfire insulting whomever the current leader happens to be.

And now for some filler interesting scenes from this issue:

The first sign this Legion might not be the Legion of ‘New Earth’ (aka Earth -0)

Legionnaires can have awkward moments too. Dating isn’t easy in the future either.

Legionnaires roll-playing?

I can easily imagine a current politician saying this:

On my Legion Jerk © scale this issue gets a:

x3 for Luornu

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