Adventure Comics #314 Nov. 1963

Alaktor (your typical mad scientist) pretends to try out for a spot in the Legion. His ulterior motive is to sneak into the clubhouse, steal a time bubble and travel through time recruiting three of history’s biggest assholes. It’s all very ‘Big & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’-like.

Alaktor then telepathically swaps the minds of Superboy, Mon-El, and Ultra-Boy with those of Nero, John Dillinger, and Adolf Hitler. You see, Alaktor wants to control the advanced weapons of the planet ‘Lost World’. Supes, Mon and U-B were guarding said planet. Having them under his control would be quite beneficial. But, you see, these three guys are super-dicks and they betray him.


I have an alternate theory to what happened in this issue. I don’t think the telepathic ‘Psycho-Changer’ worked. I think the three Legionnaires saw an opportunity to act like the super-jerks they really are and took advantage of it. When they got bored they ‘reverted’ back to their normal selves. Just a theory, mind you.

Now for some random crap thoughts:

Never try to enter the Clubhouse while drunk:

In the future your legs are never cold:

On my Legion Jerk © scale this issue gets a:

Just because I says so.

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