Legion of Super-Heroes #298 April 1983

Wildfire, Dawnstar, Blok, Invisible Kid 2, and Mysa the White Witch are sent to the mining operation on Asteroid 73-Q to investigate some strange occurrences.

This is how a Legionnaire requests an autopsy be performed:

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the fact that Invisible Kid 2 has an accent while no one else does? And that his accent is bloody annoying? And by ‘accent’ I mean ‘speaking in a different language all-of-a-sudden’. Nobody does this except maybe for Ricky Ricardo. I’m bilingual, I don’t start chattering away in Spanish when a stressful situation arises.

Here’s how adult super-heroes take the fact that they’ve been dumped:

Just your run-of-the-mill Legion insubordination. Nothing to call home about:

Last but not least we get to see one of Wildfire’s lesser-know super-powers: scrolling marque:

On my Legion Jerk © scale this issue gets a:

Maybes 2.85

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  1. I don’t know — a lot of my Cuban American friends in Miami switch between Spanish and English on a regular basis, and I know Chicanas/os do something similar.

    What’s more confusing in Jacques’ case is how French is still around in the 30th century when English has been replaced by Interlac….

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